Coming from the Ukraine, one of the greatest cosplay photographers is also a cosplayer herself

Cosplayer and photographer Pugoffka is back at Anime Matsuri 2022! Since 2009 this Ukraine cosplayer has used her knowledge of cosplay to jump into the realm of photography. Her style uses a special mix of lighting and shadows to create photos that can be described as detailed digital paintings that capture the essence of the character as well as the cosplayer. The love she holds for both art forms has brought her to judge and guest star at conventions and festivals in countries like Romania, Spain, China, Poland, Hungary, Mexico, Italy, Norway, and more! She has taken photos of over a thousand cosplayers and seeks out every opportunity she can to display cosplay in its best light. As a professional, she enjoys teaching her craft so others can create their best art too. Her favorite panels revolve mostly around photography with a special focus on cosplay photography and this year at

Position: Cosplay/Photographer